Rise Up Project is an initiative to provide essential basic job skills to the under-privileged. Coaches and mentors from various industries work in a virtual classroom setting, or in one-on-one virtual training sessions to cover these topics:

  • Resume Review Workshop
  • Interviewing Prep and skills
  • LinkedIn Profile Setup and Review
  • Basic Microsoft Excel
  • Basic Microsoft Word
  • Basic Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Basic Microsoft Outlook and Calendaring
  • Virtual Team Meeting and Remote Working
  • Drafting Emails and Professional Writing

These skills help prepare individuals to enter the job market, or advance in their current roles.

Requirements to participate

This Rise Up Bootcamp requires a 2 month commitment from participants. During these 2 months, participants will be required to attend weekly virtual sessions of 2 hours each and complete additional homework assignments of 4 hours per week.

Participants will need access to a webcam enabled computer and internet access on their own.


All training sessions will be provided free of charge. Past students that are capable and who have benefited from the training sessions, can donate directly through the website if they choose to.

Job Market Potential

Resumes and profiles of Rise Up Alumni (past students) will be made available to companies in search of viable candidates.

Who can participate and what is under-privileged?

We define privilege as access to resources or opportunities that were not available to others, and provided an advantage in today’s socio-economic environment.

Being born into the lower end of the social economic scale, growing up with fragmented guardianship, or systemic racism against persons of color can all result in a limited availability of resources or opportunities.

At this time, we are allowing anyone to sign-up and are not requiring any self-certification or documentation of being under-privileged. All who sign-up will be provided the same service.

Bootcamp 201

We are currently developing a curriculum for those looking for more advanced training. We expect to launch this advanced bootcamp in 2021. Topics could include:

  • Negotiation
  • Facilitating Meetings
  • Finance 101
  • Basic Analytics and Metrics
  • Project Management
  • Developing Timelines
  • Developing and maintaining budgets

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