Rise. Sing. Soar.

Rise Up Project is not just about needing risers and microphones. It is about a much deeper need. Our children need music. As a society we must come together to make it a priority in our schools.

How you can you help the Rise Up Project?


Runs till June 30th and there will be many different levels of prizes for your to chose from. Any amount will help us! Just click the link bellow to check it out.

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Starting in June you will be able to purchase the DVD if you missed out on the Kickstarter. Pre order the merchandise from our Big Cartel store now!

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Benefits of music

Why music? Why not!

Did you realize that being exposed to and learning music at a young age has been proven to improve a long list of skills that can be utilized in the classroom as well as every day life?


General memory skills, Literacy skills, Self-expression, Creativity, Sense of self-worth, Patience, Motor skills, Complex mathematical processing, and so many more!

Benefits of singing

We benefit our hearts and circulation by improving our aerobic capacity and we decrease muscle tension. Increases understanding and empathy between cultures. Offers opportunity for giving and receiving positive feedback. Brings people together. Give it a try!

Song list


Bright Beginnings School


Bright Beginnings is a great place to start your child’s education. Receive a “private education” for free at our charter school. Bright Beginnings is an A+ excelling school as determined by the Arizona Department of Education. Our school ranks among the top elementary schools in the state. Bright Beginnings School is a preschool and elementary charter school, which serves bright and curious children three years old through 8th grade. We provide a challenging, hands-on curriculum that allows students to work above grade level. Students develop a joy for learning while working in a highly academic environment. In addition to core subjects, our curriculum includes Art, Spanish, Music, Technology, PE and Health. Bright Beginnings offers a structured learning environment with small class sizes that include both a teacher and an aide in every class. The staff at Bright Beginnings is highly trained and focused on each child’s success. They work hard to ensure each child has a positive learning experience. For more information vist www.bbschl.com


Bright Beginnings School
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Tel - 480.821.1404
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